Tutorial Day (Monday, 22 August 2016)

Amazon Web Services, 23, Church Street, #10-01, Capital Square, Singapore 049481
Time Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
0900-0930 Registration
Dive Into MVC
PHP 7 Compliance Workshop
BDD with Behat for Beginners
1200-1330 Lunch
Intro to Magento 2: Your First Module
Understanding and Implementing PSR
How to Dockerize a PHP application
Drupal site building for developer
To Infinity and Beyond: How to Create Your First Desktop Application with PHP
From Docker to Serverless: building a real time voting application with PHP, Elastic Beanstalk and Lambda

Conference (Tues, 23 - Wed, 24 August 2016)

Matrix (Biopolis), 30 Biopolis Street, Singapore 138671
Time Day 1 (Tue, 23 Aug) Time Day 2 (Wed, 24 Aug)
0815-0915 Registration 0900-0925 Registration
0915-0930 Opening Address 0925-0940 Opening Address
Opening Keynote by Davey Shafik
Stepping into the future: Migrating & Deploying PHP7
Code Archaeology: Becoming Indiana Jones
From PHP to Hack as a Stack and Back
1050-1130 Tea Break 1050-1130 Tea Break
Magento in the age of 2
PHP 'Bolt' in Nano Server on Hyper-V on Your Laptop or Azure Cloud
Continuous Deployment at Scale
Slow database in your PHP stack? Don't blame the DBA!
1240-1400 Lunch 1240-1400 Lunch
Journey as a web developer
How I learn good programming by learning Drupal
Introduction to web security
Hello World, I'm Laravel
Good to Great
10 Awesome things that most people won't notice in PHP
1445-1530 Tea Break 1445-1530 Tea Break
PHP FIG: Helping communities work together
Teaching PHP new tricks with machine learning
The sound of PHP
Closing Keynote by Samantha Quiñones
1640-1700 Closing Address 1650-1700 Closing Address


Tutorial Day (22 Aug 2016)

Amazon Web Services, Singapore

23, Church Street, #10-01, Capital Square, Singapore 049481

Travel Directions
  • Raffles Place is the nearest station to the venue

Conference (23 & 24 Aug 2016)

Matrix (Biopolis), Singapore

30 Biopolis Street, Singapore 138671

Travel Directions
  • Buona Vista is the nearest station to the venue
  • Take Exit D at Buona Vista and walk 500m to Matrix (Biopolis)


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Keynote Speakers

Davey Shafik

Developer Evangelist, Akamai

Samantha Quiñones

Principal Engineer, AOL

Adam Englander

Adam Englander is a seasoned developer with over thirty years of experience building scalable, manageable, and reliable systems. For the past ten years, he has been doing that with PHP. Adam is vocal advocate for utilizing Behavioral Driven Development as the driver for building great applications. His dedication to the PHP community is well known as the founder of Vegas PHP. In the past few years, Adam has been building IoT apps and has been researching ways to make this accessible in PHP.

Alejandro Marcu

Alejandro worked for six years at Facebook using PHP and Hack on projects such as: large data migrations, pages timeline, photos, the ORM system used internally, code generation and the external Ads API. Prior to Facebook, he worked for TopCoder for four years, doing mainly web development in Java. He recently presented at PHP conferences in Argentina, New Zealand and Netherlands. He genuinely enjoys speaking at conferences and contributing his knowledge and expertise in PHP and other technologies.

April Kwong

"Cum Laude" Graduate at university and an accomplished PM having completed her Project Management Professional course at SP Pace Academy. A 7 year developer of PHP who is now working as a Project Manager in FunctionEight. She has developed and maintained many of the chamber of commerce websites in Singapore and Hong Kong such as British Chamber of Commerce for both. In addition, she is currently managing a fintech start-up which is a crowdfunding website for female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses.

Ben Marks

Ben is a voting representative in the PHP FIG and has more than 10 years in open source commerce working with some of the biggest brands. He serves as an educator and mentor for Magento, having trained hundreds of developers directly as well as thousands of others through the Magento U Fundamentals series. He's always excited to meet other developers to talk about and learn from the challenges and successes of building successful commercial sites with PHP.

Britta Jaison

I am working with Yale-NUS College as Web Developer. I have been twiddling with PHP for more than 7 years. I have worked with both corporates and start-ups prior to joining Yale-NUS. I have played the roles of developer and lead at various level of my career. At Yale-NUS we are a very small agile team and I am part of the team developing the in house application/websites for administering the daily needs of the college and also manages the vendors for the certain vendor driven applications. I love my career and finds joy in everything I do in my career life.

Steven Cooper

Xero Dev Evangelist. Kini Swimwear CTO. Kingdom Hack founder. Hackathon MC/Mentor/Judge. Geek tech-head able to code tall buildings in a single bound. Prev PayPal Braintree.

Paul Dragoonis

Paul, from Scotland, is passionate about software quality, architecture and continuous delivery. He spends his time contributing to the PHP project & website, PHP-FIG, many frameworks and open source projects. He's a member of the PHP-FIG group and lead developer of PPI Framework Engine (, where he focuses on multi-framework interoperability. When not working on software Paul enjoys fishing, martial arts and sleeping.

Damien Seguy

Damien Seguy is CTO at Exakat Ltd., a company specialized in PHP code quality solutions for the industry. He leads the development of the exakat static analysis engine, that automatically review code for version compatibility, security and clear code. Over the last 17 years Damien has contributed to PHP, as documentation author, elephpant breeder, conference UFO on all continents. He also enjoys gremlin, 狮子头 and camembert.

Harald Zeitlhofer

Harald Zeitlhofer has 15+ years of experience as an architect and developer of enterprise ERP solutions and web applications with a main focus on efficient and performant business processes, usability and application design. As a Technology Strategist in Dynatrace's Innovation Lab he influences the Dynatrace product strategy by working closely with customers and driving their performance management and improvement at the front line. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and meetup groups around the world.

Jeya Selvi R

IT Manager at Sprim with over a decade commercial experience building solutions with PHP. Before Sprim, working as Application Developer at VMware, IT Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services. Apart from coding, would like to hack new technologies and open source libraries.

Kai Hendry

Kai Hendry is a DevOps specialist. He runs Webconverger.

Michael Heap

Michael is a fixer, working mainly with with PHP/Go/MySQL and doing bits of server administration on the side, he goes where things need working on. Currently, he's a member of the platform team at Datasift, working as part of a team that processes and augments various incoming data sources (including the Facebook firehose) before redistributing it to customers.

Michael Cullum

Michael Cullum is a backend PHP developer from the UK, working particularly with Symfony, and has been for about nine years. He is an official team member and member of the management team at phpBB where he has been a contributor for over half a decade. More recently he founded the new PHP Surrey User Group and joined the organising team of the PHP South Coast Conference. Michael is passionate about open source software and is an advocate of modern development principles & methods, open source project co-operation, and the active development of standards. He is actively involved in the PHP FIG previously as editor of PSR 12 and he now runs the administration of the FIG as the PHP FIG Secretary.

Pawel Jedrzejewski

Born in November 1992, I have built my first website at the age of 12. While in high school, I have worked for my first customers and created initial bits of code, which ultimately became an Open Source project. Few years into the future, Sylius is one of the most promising eCommerce platforms in the world of PHP, with over 320 code contributors. Our packages have been downloaded over 2,000,000 times. These days I am busy leading the project towards stable release and managing a commercial, company Lakion that emerged from Sylius’ popularity in 2014. We support the community and provide training, consultation and development for brands & start-ups who want to power their business with Sylius technology. I am also involved in my local PHP community, as co-organizer of PHPers, which is all about free and open meetups for developers in most of big cities in Poland. We are aiming to change the perception of PHP as a language and bring more people to the community by sharing knowledge and socializing. I am responsible for organizing PHPers events in my hometown - Łódź.

Prasetyo Wicaksono

PHP Developer & Malang PHP Usergroup Organizer

Premshree Pillai

Premshree Pillai is a senior engineer and has worked with Etsy for over five years, working on various infrastructure projects. In the past he helped build several products at Yahoo!, including Live, 360, and International Blogs. Outside of work, Premshree loves to cook, take photos, read philosophy and history, travel, and talk to people.


SJ eats, sleeps, and breathes Drupal. Since knowing Drupal in 2005, he has helped clients launch complex scalable platforms on Drupal. His knowledge and skills on system and large architecture design have made big complex sites like Singtel, I²R, XinMSN / Toggle manageable by a small team of people. He always strives for building platforms which help other people lead happier, more productive and more fulfilling lives. When he’s not busy with his family, he’s active in the Singapore Drupal community by organising meetups and workshops.

Timothy Chandler

I am the CTO and Director of Zinios Sdn. Bhd., a softeware development company focused on the creation of enterprise grade tools and platforms. I have lived and worked in the region (SEA) for the past 4 years and have been involved in several start-up and many projects. Before this I lived and worked in Australia as a Snr Software Engineer. I also helped build the now thriving Sydney PHP community. I have been involved in the setup and execution of several conferences and attended many others.

Huiren Woo

Fullstack PHP Developer, Opensource Evangelist

Yuri Pratama

My name is Yuri Pratama, Pixel and Code Engineer from Indonesia. Enjoy in frontend development, also in UI/UX field. Besides of being a frontend developer, sometimes I switch to Sketch (and Photoshop!) and start to make some artwork. Have programming experience for about 6 years and 8 years in design field.

Zion Ng

Zion Ng is a Singaporean freelance web developer at Programming has been his favourite hobby since his teens, a tool to create solutions for himself, family and friends. He believes in lifelong learning as passion may die off but passion for learning will keep the flame alive. He graduated from the School of Computing, National University of Singapore and is also a Zend Certified Engineer (PHP and Zend Framework).

About Singapore

Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is a modern city-state and island country in Southeast Asia. It lies off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and is 137 kilometres (85 mi) north of the equator. The country's territory consists of the diamond-shaped main island, commonly referred to as Singapore Island in English and Pulau Ujong in Malay, and more than 60 significantly smaller islets. Singapore is separated from Peninsular Malaysia by the Straits of Johor to the north, and from Indonesia's Riau Islands by the Singapore Strait to the south. Singapore is highly urbanised. Land reclamation has been used to expand the country's land area.

Check out this handy guidebook on Singapore, compiled by our friends at RubySG.

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